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Dear Women,

It’s time to hold and birth ALL of your desires with the new electric grid and Christos seed energy.

Many women can’t hold love, money, healthy relationships with self, men and success because they are creating with an energetic barren womb that was seeded by dead energy.

They have done much healing work but still unable to hold the love and money frequency where they are receiving a devotional man and high level money provision in life and biz.

The new electric grid is powering up the womb space of the feminine to help her clear out the unconscious interface of attracting toxic relationship patterns, attacks to union, misery in love, fragmented soul ties, emotional drowning and money lack.

I created a clearing to help you release old lower masculine dead seed from the energetic portals of your womb space so that you can open into your galactic womb space to birth the love, abundance and Royal living as your true solar feminine power.
This practice is about running the high frequency in your womb space to recharge your womb to its full creative Sophia timeline.

 Here’s what you will receive: 

✓ Quantum Electric Video Teaching and Transmission

✓ Quantum Electric Womb Modality – Step by Step healing process

✓ Quantum Electric Womb Guided Meditation

✓ The Risen Womb Bonus Video Transmission

Bonus: Intro to the Solar Feminine Class – 2 hour training

Bonus: Releasing the Lunar Feminine Matrix Class – 2 hour training

Bonus: Quantum Rebirthing Modality – Step by step healing – coming soon

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