The Goddess Of Thunder

Women are going through another awakening.

There’s a stirring they are feeling.

There’s a new portal that has opened.

Can you hear the Thunder Gods and KNOW it’s time to respond as the Goddess of thunder?

In my brand new program, the KING & LIGHTNING CODES, I’m going to show you how to tap into this new power of the divine feminine and her ability to be a LIGHTNING RIDER and hold her power as the GODDESS OF THUNDER!







I was living as the powerless weepy feminine who was always collapsing
I used to live like the powerless weepy grieving woman who was always feeling like she was broken and unworthy of living in my power.

Because I had so much trauma and wounding, I didn’t believe it was possible to express my iconic soul essene, beauty, light, magic, wealth and prosperity.

I didn’t believe I was worthy to be cherished

I didn’t believe I was worthy to be chosen

I didn’t believe I was worthy of passionate soul stirring on fire love

I kept trying to use spirituality to help me heal myself only to find myself constantly collapsing.

As I searched for something more, just like so many women who know deep down there is something else for them beyond frigging suffering pain and misery, I began to receive an activation that would allow me to come into my full divine feminine COMMAND!

If you feel like no matter what you’ve tried before, you are still stuck, I want you to know that NOW is the time you can experience your great infinite feminine power in ALL areas of your life!

I want to show you how to have POWER, live in your truth, voice and MAGIC!

I want to show you HOW to become the LIGHTNING RIDER!

 Join Me & Special Guest Rion Kati 

Rion Kati will be joining me in this BRAND new group coaching program for women: THE KING & LIGHTNING CODES

Rion has been a guest in many of my programs before and is a sought-after healer/alchemist who’s helped many women, including myself with his potent activations and higher fields of divine feminine integration.

This brand new program will be for women who want to create with the Christ King Thunder and Divine Feminine Lightning Rider – seeing this powerful alchemical shift show up in your relationships, business, money, energy, and life.

This is for women who want to HOLD the WHOLE field of your divine feminine light to LIGHTNING.







 Here are the program details for the King & Lightning Codes Program: 
Week 1
Activation of the Lightning Path
Week 2
The Priestess Path and Lightning Codes
Week 3
The Solar Feminine & Christ Lightning
Week 4
The Kings and Lightning Codes
Week 5
Thunder & Lightning Riders







When you join now with the full pay option you will also receive:
The Full Solar Feminine Alpha Earth King Program 

Here’s whats inside the Solar Feminine Alpha Earth King Program – You get instant Access

WEEK 1: Lunar Matrix – The Anti-Feminine – The lunar matrix houses the anti feminine consciousness and women who are trapped inside of this cannot activate or attract men who are carrying the electric masculine frequency. Learn how to release the lunar programming so you can attract or inspire an alpha earth king.

WEEK 2: Solar Return – The Reunified Feminine – Learn about the feminine in her highest principle, merged with the KING and how she has the power to return this consciousness back to the earth and into men.

WEEK 3: Polarity Release – Release the construct that is causing you to not have the correct frequency that the masculine is organically created to serve. Learn how to let go of the low feminine polarity trap that is keeping women stuck in trying to use their feminine energy to get the devotion and love of a man.

WEEK 4: Majesty – Royal Alchemy – Learn the royal alchemical process that draws Alpha Earth Kings to you who carry the throne man consciousness and capacity for gorgeous divine union.

WEEK 5: Masculine – The Electric Masculine and Rod principle – The Alpha Earth King comes with an energy body that is activated with the electric masculine. Become the frequency that draws this energy to you so that you are not working forever on trying to have polarity with the masculine. You learn how to BE the consciousness of polarity itself.

WEEK 6: Mirror – The co-creative field that creates worlds – Master the field that is co-creative with the Alpha Earth King that inspires him into devotion and service to you.

WEEK 7: Magnetism – The Staff and Allure – Become the high principle of the staff – the feminine consciousness experiencing deep heart connection and with the Rod principle. Activate your allure, magic, soul essence beauty that is enchanting to the Alpha Earth King.









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