If you’ve ever had to wait on a man because of your desire for something, because you wanted him to get back to you or take the lead, or plan something, follow through etc…and he is busy, he needs to sort somethings out, he has a few things going on in his life, or he just can’t get back to you in the time frame you hope for, it will reflect your inner integration around your feminine energy and relationship to the masculine.

I have seen women collapse so deeply around a man that they fall apart in their lives. I’ve been the woman in the past who’s collapsed around masculine energy until I understood how to heal deeper layers of my energetic self and help many women master their High Queen energy so they are living from their royal line.

The woman who hasn’t resolved her inner war with the masculine will wait in a different way than the woman who’s now seated on the throne of her own heart.

The princess archetype waits with longing (she wants to be rescued) and may even drop into karmic behaviors like deep obsession and compulsion. She’s the kind in deep inner chaos and conflict, who keeps checking her phone, feel ignored, feel unloved, feel unheard, unwanted and projects her waiting energy as blame towards the man.

When this energy moves into a deeper trigger in her, she finds herself having a meltdown, she reacts to the man with anger or blame. She may even find groups of women or a friend she often shares the same story with about how much men fail her. She may move into the fearful mind of reactivity by emotionally and mentally bashing him, having thoughts of anger, rage, criticism, judgement, bitter, resentful, suspicious, jealousy and the like. Her uncontained energy that she finds difficult to manage brings her into a state of inner chaos and compulsion.

She may end up lower energies like stalking on social media or sending messages from other devices or even calling her man and leaving him a trail of messages or text bomb his phone.

What she is dealing with a deeply fractured leaky container that has unresolved abandonment wounding connected to masculine energy that she isn’t looking at or hasn’t devoted herself to healing deeper. The princess in waiting doesn’t realize she is deeply emotionally unavailable and fearful of intimacy.

The Queen lives in a different waiting room. For her, the waiting room becomes the THRONE ROOM.

She can submit to waiting. She connects with the spiritual energy of waiting and instead of thinking she is “waiting” on the man, she realizes she is WAITING ON GOD – and because God is making her wait, she knows that is her space of deeper inner alchemy and creation. She moves deeper into the beyond and mystery because she’s done the throne work to practice herself into high feminine art of creation. She will then pivot her energy from the man and neediness to have him act in a certain way to make her feel worthy and instead trust that GOD will provide all her NEEDS and whatever she is desiring will arrive on time. She lives with the deeper energy of trusting and she waits in the energy of joyful radiance or deepens into moving beyond any pain body awareness that may be presenting themselves within her.

Her heart’s prayer is: God, I am thankful for this practice of waiting on YOU to supply all my needs and I am fully trusting that I am loved, provided for and taken care of in every way.

If you find that you haven’t moved into the energy of the Queen in the waiting room, you can assist your process through throne work and anchoring the deeper codes of your royal energy within you so that you are living as the embodiment of waiting on GOD instead of the chaos of waiting on a man.

-Nicole Gayle

Throne Work and Behind the Veil sacred practices helps you come into
deeper inner union codes where you can access the Hieros Gamos frequency.

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