Rion Kati and Nicole Gayle, two of the top Hieros Gamos coaches in the world is collaborating to work with women who are desiring to embody the Hieros Gamos Queen template.


This embodiment requires some throne work practices in order to prepare your energy body to attune to and integrate the higher activation.


Combining Throne work with high level activations helps women come into their Sovereign Hieros Gamos Queen Codes.

About This Exclusive Offer

About This Exclusive Offer

Here’s what’s being offered in the Throne Work Mini Series with Nicole :


  • Timeline repair to heal and collapse lower masculine timelines
  • Quantum rebirthing to assist you coming into rebirthing in your sovereign power
  • Hieros Gamos activation to help you activate your sacred union codes
  • Creating with divinity of masculine to help you recode to create with the immortal masculine
  • Karmic healing to help you collapse the pain body around the masculine over all time, space, dimensions and lifetimes


Bonus Inner Masculine Alchemy Healing to help you raise your inner hero and come into inner balance of your masculine and feminine.

Tuition to invest with Nicole: $1500 USD

Here’s what’s being offered in the Queen Activation with Rion :


1 – Energy healing power tune-up
1 – Archetype activation of choice (excluding Priestess and Muse)
1 – Hieros Gamos encoding transmission activation
1 – Queen activation
1 – Follow-up integration tune-up

1 Energy reading (before or after the work)


Different mixes of the King Attunement; 18 min. LP, 10 minute vocal mix with King Air

Tuition to invest with Rion: $1500 USD

These spots are extremely limited so reserve your spot now.

You can also contact Rion for more information or to schedule a consult here:

You can contact Nicole or schedule a consult here:  [email protected]

Sessions are a combined offer and aren’t sold separately.

After payment, you will receive an email within a few hours with booking link
to start the Throne Work Mini Series and details on how to work with Rion.