When many women meet their twin flame, she tends to collapse in the unholy devotion of the energy of the princess, “serving” that “union” – in waiting, in hoping, in longing, in pining….with her unconditional holding “space” for him – bringing up all of her wounded pain body so deeply she may feel like she’s bleeding, she’s crushed, she’s undone, with her ONE vision towards seeking “reunion” with the twin flame.

And this energy of deep unbridled devotion to a man, a mortal, outside of your hieros gamos activation, on the outer courts of deeper sacred inner union, being pulled to unite with him, feeling magnetically drawn to him, attempting to build your love on your human effort, is the hot remembrance of her impulse of devotion that was not fully healed and integrated.

When you meet your twin flame, you will either try to build the connection outside hieros gamos or come into greater unified field within the self and create from that energy.

Most build from the outside on their mortal frame and aimlessly try to pull the man in using their pain body only to collapse over and over again.

The twin flame comes in through your energy line to help reintroduce you back to your sacred vow as a Priestess but this time for you to return your vow to the King over giving it to a mortal man to get love and devotion.

The pattern within your soul of serving a man and giving up your power to get love, of chasing and struggling to wrestle union out of him, of being willing to give up your entire existence so that he can breathe, of always being consumed with him every minute of the day, of keeping him on life support, of always collapsing your energy to hold him up, of co-dependency and deep self betrayal is something you want to SHUT DOWN in this lifetime, so that you NEVER again lay yourself on the altar and sacrifice your existence, so that you NEVER again die because you aren’t chosen, so that you NEVER again pierce yourself through and through with the sword of mortal love and rise into the highest principle of your sacred devotion.

This is to learn the real PRIESTESS path of holy devotion to the divine and to make your life holy, magical, abundant and royal.

Are you ready to return to your holy vow?

-Nicole Gayle

Throne Work and Behind the Veil sacred practices helps you come into
deeper inner union codes where you can access the Hieros Gamos frequency.

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