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A few years ago, when I was at the bottom of the pit with my money, feeling like I was powerless to change it and looking at my bank account always dwindling to zero, I decided to take my power back!

I went from being in over 20K in debt, getting called by bill collectors over and over, barely making ends meet and a business that felt like it was constantly draining my energy, to experiencing a life-changing quantum leap!

Within 6 months I was completely debt free!

Within 3 years, I became a self-made millionaire!

You have everything within you to change your money story and enter into financial freedom – it starts within you.

As you immerse yourself in the daily practices, you can create a new feminine money avatar that helps you rise into abundance unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

You MUST decide you will have your financial freedom and NOTHING will stop you.

Are you ready for unstoppable abundance?

With the deep devotion to making your money freedom a reality and with your choosing to take action every single day, in just 21 days, you could have a completely new money blueprint.

Step into a fully financially liberated version of yourself in the 21 Day Feminine Money Immersion and transfer the power of unlimited money from your future self into your present reality.

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Along with creating the feminine money avatar from the future self, you are invited to take a bigger leap and challenge yourself to create 21K in 21 Days.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to transfer the power of your new feminine money avatar into BEAUTIFUL CA$H!

This means that after creating the energy of your new money self from within, you will launch this new self to invite 21K into your life – with the money on demand practice.

Here’s what we will create together in the Feminine Money Immersion:

Your New Feminine Money Intention

The Money Forgiveness Practice

Clearing Negative Money Beliefs

Money Restoration Technique

Creating a Healthy Feminine Money Body Response

Getting Your Feminine Money Codes from the Quantum Field

Placing Your Feminine Money in the Speed Lab

Downloading Your Quantum Feminine Money Avatar

Creating Your Future Feminine Money Avatar

Establishing A New Money Command

Activating A new Money Blueprint

Taking Your Money Throne

Making Your Money on Demand Practice

Walking In Your New Money Timeline

Recode to Audacious Cash

Program your Subconscious Money

Unify Your Masculine and Feminine Money Energy

Quantum Wealth Activation Principles

Crafting Your Legacy Wealth Timeline

Using Your Money Genius

Walking In Your Your 21K Money

What you will receive: 

Private FMI Telegram group

Daily prompts to activate your inner wealth blueprint
Wealth ascension exercises and practices
Feminine Money Template practices
Get My Bonus Healing Money Trauma Response Class As Well As My Electric Money Modality Training When You Sign Up Now!

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Daily workbooks and templates

 Private telegram group with personal support

 Bonus class: Healing the Money Trauma Response

 Bonus modality & demonstration: Electric Money Modality

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Enter into 21 Day Wealth Liberation immersion where we connect in a private telegram group chat and you receive daily prompts and wealth recoding exercises to elevate your financial freedom.

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