Calling In The King

Invite the King In ALL Areas of Your Life

Let the King of Glory Come In

Divine Woman,

2020 is THE year where all you’ve ever wanted for the masculine in your life may be possible…but are you ready?

This is the year to move into your deep anointing as the Mighty Queen. To anchor the most powerful integration of your royal energy and see this show up in your physical reality. You may have faced challenges with living in your true divine power even though you’ve done much spiritual work and for many women, it boils down to not having the raised inner hero integrated deep within them.

The raised inner hero is the aspect of your masculine consciousness connected to the physical reality of men, money, manifestation and the glory of God entering into your life that cause you to come in contact with the potent Hieros Gamos frequency. If you are desiring a divine partnership in your life or want to inspire more in your current partnership, your raised inner hero could be the provisional energy that makes all of this possible for you.

It’s challenging to IMPOSSIBLE to have a Hieros Gamos partnership without a raised inner hero, because you will never feel safe enough with men to allow them to fully penetrate you. Women without a raised inner hero often attract spiritually emasculated men or men who need to fight with the wounded inner masculine within her (at the energetic level and at the physical level he’s distant, avoidant, hot and cold and does not lead her) because that wounded inner masculine in her is always in control and never allowing her to fully receive a man’s devotion or royal service.

Call In The King of Glory In ALL Areas of Your Life

Calling in the king isn’t just about calling in a man, it’s about allowing for your entire life to be changed by the universal KING provider and his glory descending in your life.

But in order for this to happen for you, you must say YES!

There are women who know they are called with deep spiritual devotion and these women are the women who are along the Priestess Path who are merging the energy of the new covenant so they can live from their powerful Divine Feminine as the MIGHTY Queen.

Yet, if you haven’t done the deeper work to heal your inner hero, you may never receive the full potent cosmic benefit of the eternal masculine filling your life in every way.

When women don’t have KING consciousness, their relationship with money is broken, they struggle to make ends meet, they have patterns with men and their partner, they struggle with making their business work, they may feel extremely drained and burn out from their careers, unclear about their purpose or how to move deeply in it, and their struggle with feeling deeply supported and provided for.

The Dark Prince

If you don’t have the quality of divine masculine in your life you’ve always wanted, you may be familiar with the dark prince.

Many women have met what can be referred to as a dark prince in their lives. They struggle with always meeting men who have the “potential” of what they desire but never truly feeling the magic of mutual devotion towards them.

The dark prince is the energy of a man who isn’t a throne man but may appear as though he is. He carries the vampire/seducer energy or the energy of a very low masculine presence.

If you’ve had this experience, you may have been pulled in deep, felt an overwhelming attraction and magnetic pull, feel compelled to connect and fall into him, only to have him never fully showing up for you.

The dark prince may seduce you into feeling like you are the most important person he’s ever met, you feel enthralled by his energy, completely overtaken, you feel like his energy takes you over and that you can’t escape it.
It makes you feel weak in the knees, your heart often pounding when you think about him or around him, when you hear his voice you get the feeling like you are drawn in by his magic and his power to draw you in making you feel like you can’t escape it.

The connection feels “holy” – like there’s some exalted energy behind it, like it’s giving you ideas, thoughts, feelings and intuitive downloads you may never had before. You feel this compulsion to be with him, chase him, you obsess over him and feel like you can’t ever get enough of him, but…he is always REJECTING YOU.


The Juvenile Prince

You may have met a man who carry some form of energy similar to the dark prince but he’s not as energetically distorted – you are either still holding out for more from him or he’s separated from you but you can’t get him out of your mind.

This man sways you, you are always energetically drawn in, he triggers you in deep ways, he comes hot and cold, he’s wishy washy, he’s night and day, he’s up and down.


You feel like you just can’t ever feel secure with him no matter how hard you try and you keep feeling like a carrot is being dangled before you.


As wonderful as it may feel to finally find “the one” you are equally emotionally out of sorts, you keep feeling like you can never find an emotional footing, there is always something you are worried about and it keeps you totally and completely off center.


The dark prince and low masculine mortals have these qualities about them:

  • Karmic
  • Snipers
  • Unpresent
  • Unstable
  • Disconnected
  • Chaotic
  • Emotionally unavailable
  • Seducers
  • Vampires
  • Rejection
  • Abandonment


They all carry a certain imprint in them that makes women feel drawn in with desiring them and their potential but never truly being the kind of man who can provide the energy of true masculine presence and mutual devotion.

They even have had the label of a DM (Divine Masculine) or Twin Flame – so many women who were calling in their desire for a magnificent man only to find they are lost without him.

These men do not have what I call: THE BUILDER CODES in them. He’s the man you may hope for, you chase, you keep returning to over and over again, you feel “magnetically” drawn to, because you’re playing with your little girl wounds, who you feel lost in, who says things that leaves you broke, who’s not in his right mind, don’t know if he’s coming or going, who you are trying to fix, mother, save, who you’re trying to extract devotion from, who you have to worry about, who you’ve cried hot tears over, spend money on readings for, watch youtube videos over and over about how to make him fall madly in love with you, because he does not carry the builder codes in his being.

You want a MAN who’s carrying the BUILDER CODE – this is the kind of man who comes READY to BUILD with GOD and you.


You may have done much spiritual work along your journey and called in a man who carries the builder man potential, yet you are either facing some recurring challenges in how you connect or you are currently in a separation based on life’s challenges.

The builder man may be the man you see doing life with who’s been showing up for you on more levels than you’ve experienced in relationship before, yet there are still many areas in how you are connecting where you realize you need your own inner growth work so that you can grow together.

When you are faced with a builder man but still have some key issues that may show up between you, you may have brought him in but still haven’t really raised your inner masculine to hero who’s also providing you with the emotional and spiritual grounding within yourself so that you can hold the weight of your builder man connection together.

Trying to create on a higher relationship container without having healed your own inner masculine deeper will cause you to play out more cycles and patterns with your man. You want to do your own sacred work for raising your inner masculine into the hero so that you are truly living in your sovereignty in this relationship as the mighty queen.

To Call In A King Or Invite More In Your Current Union, You Must Heal Your Inner Masculine

If you have a heavy pain body around the masculine, you may find that you are always calling in men who are boys, dark prince, karmics, or juveniles.
You may find that you are trying and trying to heal your current union while constantly faced with the same patterns and challenges.

To call in men who have King presence, or call in more King presence in your union, you will need to heal your pain body towards the masculine.

A female pain body cannot initiate men into their King codes.

If you’re carrying a heavy pain body around masculine energy – even though you are spiritual and have done much spiritual work, you may realize that you keep manifesting or bringing men with the corresponding pain body you didn’t heal within yourself.

These men are the same vibration of what is stored in your pain body around men – and they will act out in ways that reflect this within you.

If you are currently partnered, you may be playing with the little girl shadow in your relationship and having your man play out his little boy – then you keep falling into the trap of playing out your pain body together.

This year, you ONLY want to create with King energy and have this potential in your field!

You ONLY want to require the King in your life and for this to show up on ALL realms. You no longer want to have the type of masculine energy in your experiences, whether it’s with men, money, your mission, career, business, purpose, manifestation – which are ALL masculine energy – show up in your life moving forward.

Are you ready to DESCEND so you can have throne power with the masculine?

Many women along the spiritual path believe to attract high level masculine in their lives they have to keep “ascending” and “raising” their vibration.  

But in order to truly have power with God AND Men, you will have to go INTO the dark – and this is what my inner masculine alchemy healing modality will help you do.

The inner masculine alchemy will help you descend into the dark, moving your feminine energy into handing over all of her “PAIN BODY” to the masculine and allow for your own inner masculine to heal so that it can become your HERO.

Without your hero intact, you will find that the level of discernment, inner peace, grounding, provision, anchor, rest and stillness you crave with men, just isn’t there.

This is because the HERO is the HERO of your soul.

I want you to build a HERO within you that can help you create, manifest, and ground the reality of the MASCULINE in your physical reality.

And in my BRAND NEW 6 WEEK GROUP COACHING PROGRAM, I will show you how.


Are You Ready for The Wild Divine Masculine?

He comes forth in his power, his holiness, his courage, his imperfect magic, and he is moving into hearts wielding his word, securing the borders, grounding the cause, the overseer, creating with his dynasty and anchoring the deep, but are you ready for him?

Are you ready to stop chasing him, stop trying to save him, to be still and allow him to serve you, to fully bow down and surrender, to let go of all of the parts of yourself that you deem unworthy of a magnificent man, to let go of the ways you’ve tried to kill his greatness, and rob him from living fully and alive in his mission, even if it means he’s living it without you, and not choosing you?

Are you ready, for his sheer power and authority, his electrical force, his word building new lands in your being and the world, erecting you from the darkness and helping you move into your deepest light?

Are you ready to stop creating his form with a false god, the idea of patriarchy as being your master, and living from the oppressor as your own reality that prevents him from rising deep and strong, and wild and great in you?

Are you ready for the beast, when he comes face to face with you, when with his might and love he backs you up, when he refuses to allow you to control him, and when he refuses to tolerate your living in your shadow projecting it at him that he’s being unloving and inattentive if he’s needing to live in his integrity?

Are you ready for the holy initiation, the hot intimate dance and long juicy nights when he bears deep down into your soul, when he looks so deeply inside of you, when he goes even further within you than you’ve ever experienced before, can you handle that much penetration?

Are you ready to watch him serve, with his deepest passion, and champion his cause, and celebrate him living in his glory even if it means for a moment it takes time away from you?

Are you ready for him living wild and free, deep and wide, strong and tender and fully committed to his God cause no matter what it takes?


Make this year THE year you heal the pain of creating with the masculine and come into harmonious power with men.

Enroll in my Calling In The King Group Coaching Program to FINALLY end the pain of attracting low masculine energy men.


Calling In The King is a 6 week virtual temple to help you hold space for creating with the multidimensional masculine.


The group program starts Tuesday January 14th – Tuesday February 18th.


Here’s what you will receive:


  • 3 Virtual Zoom Live Support Training – Tuesday Jan. 14th, Jan. 28th & Feb. 11th – Times will be announced.
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Collapsing lower masculine timelines quantum healing
  • Quantum Rebirthing Queen Codes
  • Royal Decrees to ground masculine energy in
  • Inner masculine alchemy and shadow work
  • 21 day inner masculine alchemy ritual
  • Calling in the King meditation
  • Anchoring the King codes


Here’s what we will be covering week by week:


Week 1: Descending into the Dark Goddess – Zoom Live Jan. 14th

Week 2: Deleting the Dark False God – Live Masterclass Training Jan. 21st

Week 3: Rising from the ascension matrix – Zoom Live Jan. 28th

Week 4: Raising the hero and the hieros gamos template – Live Masterclass with Rion Kati – Feb. 4th

Week 5: Anchoring the Multidimensional Masculine – Zoom Live Feb. 11th

Week 6: Descending the King of Glory – Live Masterclass Training Feb. 18th

Week 7 Bonus Calls – With Special Guest Dr. Priya – Times: TBA

Week 8 Bonus Calls – With Special Guest Dr. Priya – Times: TBA

Bonuses classes may be attended for international callers and other time zones. Can’t make all classes? All classes recorded for replay and available in your members area.


With Special Guest Rion Kati

Rion has been awakened from the alchemical, healing, and co-creative MEDICINE of Meta-Feminine Archetypes and Allure. In addition to Muse and Goddess (being his greatest teachers, inspiration, source and magic) he also has a rich background in other areas that has prepared him to serve you as a specialist (and Divine Masculine Magician).

What’s Inside Your Members Areas

The temple is a sacred holy container with full devotional service. Your payment is 100% secure with encrypted technology.
Tuition is non-refundable with the intention of creating from a full trust in your guidance and what you will receive during the 6 week program.

Call in the King, the presence of the multidimensional masculine in your life, the abiding presence, the provider, the protector and all of this glory fill your life this year!

We start Tuesday January 14th. Enroll now and get the early bird savings. Early bird savings end Tuesday Jan. 7th.

It’s Time to Call In the King Of Glory

It’s time to see the masculine show up in ALL areas of your life, including men, money, manifesting, business, career, mission and GOD.

This is the year to bring the multidimensional presence of the masculine in your life – for GOOD!

Heal your relationship to the masculine, activate the sacred codes of your holy power with inner masculine alchemy work that can change your life!