Kings Beyond The Time Capsule

You are programmed to connect with men in the realm of the time capsule but Kings live beyond that.

The recent transmissions I’ve been sharing is completely new to the world of the feminine. As a matter of fact, it’s so brand new that you may not have a chance to fully understand the meaning behind it immediately.

I am hoping that you take the time and be patient with yourself as you’re reading this so that your consciousness will begin to have greater awareness and a whole new way of being will emerge for you.

This is for ALL women – single, married, or in a relationship.

I am attempting to convey a high principle to women who are locked in a time capsule template in the way they relate to men and the masculine.

This type of reality is all that is known by the feminine collective and she carries herself in a shadow misery model of consistent emotional whirlwinds and cycles with men.

It took me YEARS to discover a higher way and I’ve come across hundreds of different types of dating and relationship information both online and in books. And NOT one of them teaches women about the exalted feminine on this level. They all teach you to solve your problem from your gender and relationship to yourself as a mortal woman, not the higher consciousness of yourself as immortal and exalted.

This information will save MILLIONS of women and change the entire female collective when women know these ancient high council secrets and begin to upgrade their SYSTEM from the misery of constant emotional looping and frantic drama that is normalized as a way to relate to men.

For years the masculine has given me FEEDBACK when my own behaviors of consistent panic, anxiety, co-dependency, begging, toiling, struggling, hurting, desperate, needy, clingy, and more was my own way of relating to men whether in or out of a relationship….and felt like I was looping and couldn’t escape it no matter how many videos I watched on Youtube!!

I was programmed and trapped in a time capsule with the mortal masculine. And operating as the mortal feminine who only knew of a certain way to relate to men.

Like me back then, many women aren’t living in a template connected to their immortal and exalted feminine.

They just feel stuck and they do not know how to escape it.

Kings – the highest principle of the masculine women can create with, the cosmic masculine consciousness of this is beyond the time capsule.

Mortal men are operating from the time capsule and your mortal feminine feels trapped in timestamps of emotional triggers and cycles, constantly looping in feelings of fear, panic, abandonment, rejection, and hurt.

Women, there is ANOTHER way, a higher template.

This is where you can master desire and be so one with the mystery where you meet the KING’s provision. It will however require that you choose to escape the time capsule and come into the higher consciousness of your exalted feminine where you enter the realm of God and Kings and master multidimensional masculine provision.

-Nicole Gayle


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