There is an exquisite quality in a woman who holds the power of the grail line within her that men stand in awe of.

A majestic and magnetic influence that men can feel at the ENERGY level.

When a man is around a QUEEN, he KNOWS it. He feels it in his heart and soul and her consciousness resonates so deep that it captures him because he notices that her quality is beyond the ordinary.

If you want to create with the extraordinary with men, you can’t just try to use your “feminine energy” to inspire them. That form of feminine energy that many teach you about is really at WAR with men. This is the quality of trying to use the basic consciousness of your feminine to inspire deeper connection with men – which many women in high value groups have been trying to master but really are wired, tired, and drained out of their lives and minds who haven’t healed their relationship with the masculine within themselves and without.

Any woman can attract a man, but a QUEEN quickens his SPIRIT. When he meets her, he KNOWS that his destiny is forever changed. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t have to be a man who she has a romantic interest in…MEN FROM DIFFERENT WALKS OF LIFE recognizes this quickening within them…and some can handle it and some cannot.

The woman in her feminine can inspire attraction in men, while the Queen inspire GREATNESS in men. Men MUST Rise around her and not remain the same. Their world MUST change. If they are living for other things except the great cause, they MUST DIE AND BE REBORN before her until they learn how to BOW DOWN TO THE GREAT ROCK AND BE FOREVER CHANGED BY THIS.

The hieros gamos Queen has called in the KING within herself, she has the grail line activation within her and therefore has the capacity to CALL MEN INTO THAT HIGH GRAIL ENERGY – men who want to HOLD the spirit of more than the ordinary within them, men who MUST KNOW a power within themselves, men who desire more than just their own average ways comes and fall at the feet in honor of the HGQ.

-Nicole Gayle

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