STOP holding on to a man who does not respond to you like the HIGH QUEEN and no longer send that false God spirit into your generational lineage.

It’s time to stop chasing, begging, and convincing…this is a commoner mindset based on a slave girl code that many women are trained in because of their unresolved trauma/wounding, and through dating/relationship advice on the internet, aka “How to Make a Man Fall In Love” and many women who are married, dating, or in a connection with a man, who responds in a way that they don’t feel on a CORE deep soul and spiritual level that YOU ARE QUEEN.

A Queen can release a man from her field QUICKLY…she is STRATEGIC and will not continue to form alliances with DEAD THINGS…while it may take time for a woman who hasn’t accessed her Sovereign state to *negotiate* with a man about her worth.

NEVER negotiate your worth with a man who’s deciding you are not Queen because negotiating is beneath your royal level. You burn it down and do it quickly and anchor within your world MORE value, and by doing so, you are able to access men on a HIGHER level than the man who isn’t treating you like a Queen.

For some women…her wounded little girl within her tries to make a boy a king…when he really isn’t all of that….and she worships him in order to get love and attention, she glorifies him based on her need to have herself as *his* Queen…but a woman embodying her Queen consciousness decides with all of herself that she is ROYAL, already knows that she’s Queen by default. She isn’t so because of a man.

So if he’s deciding with his actions that you aren’t a Queen, find your holy power within yourself, ground so much more into dominion consciousness, invest so much more in your throne work, deepen so much more into your inner government that no mortal can make you feel less than worthy of your power as QUEEN nor would you be so lost out of your mind that you allow yourself to live like a slave.

~ Nicole Gayle

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