Holding the Frequency for Union

Many women who’ve been activated on the twin flame path or who feel they have a deep spiritual connection want to be in union with their twin flame or be with that man.

There is a spiritual process to all spiritual connections and if a connection is truly a spiritual connection that has a destiny, deeper initiations and rites of passages are key movements towards healing and unifying the energy within self.

When many say they want union, they don’t have the frequency to match that kind of spiritual relationship because they haven’t gone through the correct consecration portals in order to carry the frequency of it.

Example, if a woman “wants” union from a twin flame but don’t have the energy body and vibration to hold that energy, she may find that she is always living in the ego and pain body energy around trying to move into that place.
A key spiritual practice that helps one hold the container of union is prayer – and not the kind that is taught or conditioned by society, there is another level of prayer that many aren’t trained in or know how to access, but your energy and vibration won’t be able to hold a higher frequency if you don’t have a specific spiritual practice you submit to that causes a spiritual conversion to take place in your MIND, HEART, THOUGHTS, BODY and LIFE.

When many turn to basic ideas of spiritual practices like meditation, it doesn’t really change them, although it may give them “relief” – but to get into the holiest of holiest place, union must be born within the SELF – a sacred inner alchemy and marriage of both your energies and one knows when this hasn’t taken place when the mind is still at WAR – when the emotions are still triggered deeply, when the heart is still filled with chaos, blame, projections, self pity, jealously, obsession, grabbing, chasing, fighting and anger.

A lack of inner sacred union creates and therefore the external reality may reflect this. Example, if you want to know if you have some or a lot of balance of your own inner masculine energy just look at your life, when you look around you, whether its friends, acquaintances, coaches, co-workers, what’s showing up in your newsfeed, what’s showing up in your world, do you have a certain level of external masculine support?

If you don’t on some level, you haven’t understood submission yet, you aren’t in the energy of submitting to sacred inner union codes or to the masculine energy on some level and therefore still at war with it like major resistance, criticism, opinionated, entitlement, superiority, guarded, resentful, bitter, and fearful.

This lack of outer representation reflects your lack of inner balance, and although we experience many hurts at the hands of others that’s not our fault, it’s our responsibility to heal our lives so that what we desire moves towards us.

Hieros Gamos is the deeper codes of inner and outer union, moving into this new space within the self is a deeply intimate process that requires devotion for alchemy of union to take place.

-Nicole Gayle

Throne Work and Behind the Veil sacred practices helps you come into
deeper inner union codes where you can access the Hieros Gamos frequency.

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